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Purchasing Fundamental Business Principles

The suppliers of HUTCHINSON SA and / or Its subsidiaries are expected to respect, and to make sure that their own suppliers and sub-contractors respect: the applicable laws and the enclosed business principles of Total Code of Conduct or equivalent business principles and the following Purchasing Core Business Principles:

1. Prevention of corruption and conflict of interest and anti-fraud:

  • To fight fraud
  • To prevent and to ban any form of corruption , whether active or passive, private or public, direct or indirect
  • To avoid conflicts of interest, in particular when personal interest are closely related to professional interests

2. Free competition:

  • To comply with the applicable free competition rules

3. Fundamental rights at work:

  • To ensure that working conditions do not Infringe with human dignity principle or any other fundamental Individual rights, as defined and protected by the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) core principles1

4. Protection of Health, Safety and Security

  • To perform, on an ongoing basis, risk analysis and assessments in these domains, and to make sure that all the appropriate means are In place to prevent these risks
  • To Implement appropriate systems in order to follow up and to report any kind of incident related to these domains

5. Preservation of the Environment:

  • To implement an appropriate environment risk management system In order to prevent environmental damages2
  • To perform, on an ongoing basis, improvements concerning the protection of the environment
  • To mitigate, on an ongoing basis, the Impact of economic activities on the environment

6. Economic and social development:

  • To develop good relationships with the local communities, and in particular to dialogue with them and to encourage their sustainable initiatives.

The respect of these laws and principles can be audited.

Bribery of Foreign Public Officials In International Business Transactions.

Paris, September 2010


1In particular to comply with applicable rules related to the: Prohibition of forced labor and Child labor, Safety at work site, General terms of contract and remuneration, working time, resting time, maternity leave, discrimination and harassment at work, freedom of expression, association and collective bargain, freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

2This system aims to:

  • identify and control the environmental impact of the activities, products or services,
  • improve the environmental performance continually,
  • implement a systematic approach in order to set environmental targets, to achieve them and to prove that they have been achieved.


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