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We succeed as “one” Hutchinson by owning the actions needed to improve results with these priorities: Teamwork, Safety, Quality, Workplace Organization (6S) and Productivity.


Our Beliefs:
  • I respect all employees and commit to value their input.
  • I encourage teamwork, question the “status quo” and propose suggestions for positive change to achieve continuous improvement.
  • Safety is my responsibility. I will maintain an organized work area through 6S and identify dangerous situations and behaviors.
  • Quality starts with me. As a gatekeeper, I am responsible for understanding and complying with all requirements of my job.


Our Priorities in 2013:


Code of Supplier Conduct:

As a responsible industrial group, Total is committed to supporting efficient and properly managed utilization of our energy sources and products. We take into account the needs of today's consumers and the interests of future generations through an active policy of environmental stewardship that is an integral part of our sustainable development strategy. We provide regular and transparent reports.

These business principles are our reference point and go hand-in‑hand with the objective of continued growth, benefiting shareholders, customers and employees, and contributing to the economic and social development of the countries where we operate.

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