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Driving Safety - Appendix
Vehicle driving improvement programs

They must include at least the following elements:

Use of suitable vehicles in good condition

  • Safety criteria is defined for the purchasing, renting and maintaining of a vehicle which include safety equipment (safety belts, airbags ... ). All light vehicles, off-road and heavy goods vehicles used by the Group must be equipped with safety belts for all occupants. The equipment of buses with seat belt must be promoted.
  • A maintenance program must be in place and followed.
  • Recording systems must be progressively placed in vehicles used by regular drivers to evaluate and improve their performance. The presence and functioning of these systems will be regularly inspected.
  • The use of motorcycles for business use must be restrained to absolute necessity according to local conditions.

Improving driver competence and behavior

Branches and activities must progressively introduce a << safe driving program» notably consisting of periodically renewed trainings and regular assessments of driver's performances:

  • Training/awareness for occasional drivers.
  • Defensive driving training for all regular drivers.
  • Training courses suitable for high risk transport : personnel, dangerous goods.
  • Assessments of driver's performances, to be taken into account in individual yearly assessments.

Travel Safety

Suitable procedures must be in place for managing travel safety that define:

  • The systematic review of the safest transportation method for a particular trip.
  • Clear definitions of speed limits by road type, by weather conditions, by length of journey and distance.
  • The implementation of a managing system to reduce risk during a particular trip (choice of itinerary and time of day to avoid busy areas, driver fatigue, night time driving, ... )
  • A preliminary review of the trip with persons involved.

The selection of carriers

The reporting of accidents according to the company's rules and complete analysis of their causes.



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